Hi Y’all!

Hey guys,

So this is my first post on behalf on Next 3 Years! In case y’all don’t know who we are, or what we’re about, I encourage you to read a little bit about the project, and then by all means stick around!

So, let me tell you a little about myself. 🙂 For now, you can call me JZ, and I’ll be the designated blogger for the Next 3 Years (and for that actual length of time by the way). I graduated from Ithaca in May with a BA in English Literature, and I’m currently pursuing a job at a publishing company. As you’ll see from the many posts that follow this, I’ll be dealing with my ever present existential crisis about pursuing a job in magazines while actually wanting to work at a book publishing company, while actually, actually wanting to write science fiction/fantasy novels and slam poetry on my own time (confused? Don’t worry, I am too).

I spent this past summer writing cover letters in my sleep, wearing very tall shoes to countless interviews, emailing anyone who’s ever read a magazine, and plotting my own demise (kidding). Despite my feverish attempts to find a job, I ended up living at home in our nation’s capital until late August, when I spent 2 1/2 weeks in Europe for my cousin’s wedding in Cornwall, UK and to travel to Paris, Amsterdam, and London with my amazing boyfriend (who you may hear about from time to time, because he is a prince among men). After said trip ended, I continued my job hunt, and was finally rewarded with an amazing editorial internship at a fairly famous publishing company.

Thus I moved to New York City to seek my fortune, and have been subletting like a gypsy and doing my damnedest to learn all I can at this internship. Yet all good things must come to end, and as of December 13th I will be jobless, and as of January 5th, I will be homeless. So the pressure is on for me to find a job in order to stay in the city, and eventually an apartment.

I should take this moment to tell you another very important thing about me: I have two very dear best friends who I have known since high school. I will talk about them way too much and brag about them far too often. So just be prepared. One of them is fortunately living in the city with me, about 20 or so blocks from me to be exact. She is also pursuing a career in journalism, but more from a news perspective. We’ll call her C. Condensing her into superlatives won’t do her justice, but just to give you an idea– she’s fiery, witty, and incredibly smart; loves anime and all things Japanese; wears Doc Martens like it’s her job; reads tarot, plays piano, cooks like your mother never could; and knows Latin and Greek; just to name a few of her many talents.

Best friend #2 is S. S is currently finishing school in a teeny college in North Carolina, and will graduate in December, but is staying in NC to work/be with her girlfriend until May. After that she’ll hopefully (hopefully) move to NYC, and then the three of us will live together. As far as fast facts go: she’s incredibly wise, hilarious, curious, stubborn, and compassionate; makes friends like you would make bacon; loves sunflowers, basketball (she’s a starter), hot sauce, country music and people; and will drink you under the table on any given day. If sunshine decided to become human, she would be S. She’s hoping to work for a non-profit organization after she graduates.

As I’m sure you can gather, S & C are some serious bad-ass bitches.

Other fast facts about me: I spend a ton of time with my family; I read as much as I can (I’m on the latest Game of Thrones AKA A Dance with Dragons these days); I don’t eat meat except for the occasional fish; I love slam poetry; I tend to wear a lot of black; and I’m obsessed with hip hop/songwriter Dessa.

As of now, I think that covers all the bases, but I’m sure you’ll learn more about me as time goes on. As far as current updates go:

– Still unemployed as of Dec. 13th

– Still hoping that a job will happen so I can continue subletting until S gets here

– Still haven’t finished the novel (more on that to come)

– Still battling roaches in my kitchen

Until next time folks.



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