Internships, Thai Food, and Julia Child

Well howdy! Can I just say that it still amazes me how much can happen in one week?

So for starters, we’re 2 for 3 folks!

I was offered the internship at the tiny, artsy, super cool fashion magazine (which I accepted), and am currently working there Monday’s and Friday’s. My first day was last Monday, and I got to write an article on the first day (which was way more than I was expecting, but definitely awesome). So I’ll be working there until I know what my schedule is definitively in January. And can I say that their offices are amazing? The magazine is run out of an old rope factory/warehouse in Brooklyn, and there are all these cute bars and coffee shops around. My favorite is this coffee shop called “Spina” that sells coffee for $2.50 (size large) and doesn’t charge you for almond milk (a damned crime it is, over-charging those with dairy allergies). Meanwhile, the coffee shop also doubles as a flower shop, so you can caffeinate yourself amongst pocket-sized cacti, succulents, and cabbage roses. Fills my heart with joy.

I was ALSO offered the internship at the big, corporate, Devil-Wears-Prada style magazine (!!!!!) which I also (naturally) accepted. There are still some logistical things that need to be worked out (namely, how I will be able to work there without receiving college credit or getting paid…) but I’ve been told that it’s being taken care of. I’m still a little concerned, and was definitely having a considerably long think about it, but I think there’s no way I can’t say no. Plus, considering that I’ll only be working Monday’s and Friday’s, I don’t think I’ll be in a position to be taken advantage of. I’ll be starting there in early January, and I’m SO excited.

Which brings me to internship #3, which is with my current company. I’m meeting with the hiring manager next Tuesday, and I should hopefully know if they’re keeping me on at the end of November or early December. I’m very much hoping they keep me, not only because I like it there, but because they’re also the only internship prospect I currently have that will pay me (I would get a 10 cent raise which is pretty nice). So let’s keep our fingers crossed that that turns out well too!

Next on my list will be finding a new sublet. Mine is up January 5th, so I need to start looking ASAP. I’m pretty confident I can find something, but I want it to be for longer rather than shorter, so I don’t have to keep moving over and over again. I’m also hoping I can move closer downtown, but at the same time, I know that the farther down you go in Manhattan, the higher the prices rise. Once again, I am at the mercy of timing and fate. Let the gods be good to me.

In other news, seeing my boyfriend this weekend was amazing as always. The time I get to see him is never enough, and I can’t wait until his theatre projects are over/he can afford to move up here. We talk on the phone everyday, but as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s hard. Yet I’d honestly rather be with him and see him every two weeks and talk to him on the phone, than be with someone else here in the city. Go ahead and cue the vomit, but what we have is worth the long distance. I’ll be going to his family’s for Thanksgiving, which means I have to channel Julia Child (baking is not exactly my forte, but than again there are worse things

—We interrupt this post because Thai food has arrived, and nobody puts Green Curry in the corner.—

Sorry I’m back. Thai food and Netflix are having a passionate love affair, and when one happens, the other (specifically Parks & Rec) soon follows. So alas I’m posting this far later than I expected, but I think I’ve successfully conveyed all that is happening. I should also mention that if y’all are curious about anything, feel free to comment and ask whatever you’d like. Well, within reason, of course.

May your evening be joyous and your weekend be fair.



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