Zombies, Graduation, and Definite Exhaustion

Hi All,

Couple exciting things to report, but first the initial recaps/weekend updates. I had an okay time seeing the boy two weekends ago (not for any other reason than it was too short and he had to work most of the time unfortunately). I saw a couple friends from Ithaca while I was there, and have been realizing in a more depressing/resigned manner how definitively over college is. This past weekend the class of 2014 graduated, and it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the concept that it will officially be one year since I left school. I gotta say, despite the loneliness, long-distance relationship, missing best friend, and temporary housing, I think I’m doing pretty well for myself. Especially considering where I was last summer.

Speaking of graduation, C and I had an AMAZING time in North Carolina last weekend at S’s graduation. Again, it’s amazing how quickly things move and change (that quote from Ferris Bueller is playing in my head right now, and I’m hating how cliched it is, but also how true). We met some of her friends that she’d talked so much about, and were finally able to put faces to names. It was so much fun (other than the bit where our flight got cancelled and we basically had to ninja our way onto a new flight because HELL NO were we missing that graduation.

In other news, the boy found out last week that he has this huge opportunity to do stunting/choreography for a B-list zombie movie that’s filming in Portland, ME. I’m so excited for him (even though he’s going to be mostly unreachable for the month of June, but then again so will I [Israel]). A lot of the actors he would be working with have had small roles in movies like Argo, or as fairly big characters in movies on the syfy channel (where he would do amazingly well). His plan is to make a lot of contacts there and hopefully he’ll be able to get film gigs in the future. There’s also been some talk that he may be a stunt double for the lead actor (which would be HUGE). I’m really happy for him, he’s worked so incredibly hard, and he really deserves an opportunity like this.

In other news, I’ve experienced by first corporate structure realignment (or whatever it is you would call it). Basically there’s been some changes to our company, in that different imprints are being moved around to different management. As a result, a fair amount of people have been let go, and others are being split up from their peers or bosses that they’ve worked with for over 5 years (this includes both my bosses). I don’t think I’m in danger of losing my job (other than that I suck, keep fucking up, and feel like I’m going to kill one of my bosses with irritation because I just can’t seem to get things right). So I think it’ll be okay eventually. We met with our new team leader, and she’s definitely tough, but I think it’s (hopefully) going to be okay.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Ithaca to meet ze boyfriend, and then Saturday morning we’re driving to Ohio to meet up with some of my family for my cousin’s bridal shower (this is the ehem… “interesting” side of my mother’s family, which the poor boy will be subjected to, but this is what happens when you’re long distance, you turn any and all events, awkward or otherwise, into an excuse to see each other).

To circle back to what I saying before about graduation, I think one of the big things that’s surprising to me, is how little in the grand scheme of it all that I’ve thought about it. Granted, this week/month I’ve been traveling every weekend and I’ve been inundated with book signings and work things, so that might change, but at this current juncture, I haven’t been as obsessed about it as I thought I would be. Perhaps it’s also because I’m trying to be so focused at work and do the right thing correctly, that I don’t have the extra brain power to think more introspectively (which actually, come to think of it, is fucking terrifying). Perhaps in the coming weeks, I’ll completely change my mind and decide that I’m actually horrified that I’m so far out of college and this is where I am now. Or maybe this is just always where I was meant to be–working on my own and figuring shit out as I go.

Who knows?

Anyway, I think that’s all I’ve got for this week. Stay tuned for more updates, and if you like what you’re reading (or even if you don’t) let me know!


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