About the Project

          In her Ithaca College Commencement speech in Spring 2012, Amy Kule stated; “Your first job is a character test.” Many interpreted this literally, and have used it as inspiration to get to work early and stay late. But there is another way of looking at it. The character test is not necessarily your first job, in fact it may be your first fifty, and it refers more to the transition from student to adult and how you handle life’s turbulence. That is what this documentary, The Next 3 Years, is about.
          Former Ithaca College student, “J,” is blogging in collaboration with the project. Filmmakers Anna Ruth Rosenblatt and Devan Johnson wish to expand this project to encompass many forms of new media. Thus, while participants are being filmed throughout the designated period, J will be blogging about her own experiences transitioning from student to adult in all its tumultuous glory.
          We hope you’ll stick around for the next three years.

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