Words, Wisdom, and That Thing Called School

Hi All,

Nothing much to report on the home front. Mostly just been working and keeping busy.

I did have my first performance review which went well. I was so nervous I was going to get fired, but it was actually a very nice conversation. I definitely have a lot to work on and improve at, but my bosses were really nice and encouraging. So I don’t think I’m completely sucking at this job thing.

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about this book that I’ve been trying to write. I keep making excuses for why I can’t write it, and I’m trying to stop that and just commit to it. I’m in this cycle of thinking that I can’t do it, but I just read this proposal that was similar to what I’m doing (not closely similar, but enough that it’s worth looking at), and I think it’s time to stop making excuses and just do it. Starting this week, I’m going to try and write at least a page a night and more on the weekends. I really think I can do this if I just commit to it and stop allowing other, less important things, to get in my way.

I don’t want to suddenly wake up in five years and realize that I’ve lost this thing that I can do with words.


I also miss being in school. A lot. That was a great excuse to keep writing. I wish I could go back now. But unfortunately, money, obligations, and well… maybe me are in the way of that right now. I’m looking forward to the time when I can go back to that.

That’s all I’ve really got this week. As always, comment and share your thoughts.


Words, Wine, and Woes,




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